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Healthc home nursing services in bangalore for people who don't need to be in a hospital but can be cared at their home. Our In-Home Nursing Services includes home nursing care in bangalore, patient care services,  nursing care services bangalore, nursing services in bangalore, home nursing in bangalore, nursing care at home to assist the doctor's care on a daily basis.

Many a times, when there is an illness or injury, there is a need for nursing services at home. Healthc.in enables the patients to get professional help from skilled home nurses and care takers. Our services are available for 12 hours and 24 hours a day.

When the personal care is required? Why the personal care is important for seniors?

Home care attendant or patient caretaker is required when the elderly cant help themselves in keeping clean or take care any physical activities like bathing, shaving, grooming, cooking, dressing and feeding. Personal care is important for elderly or seniors to keep them hygiene which leads to good health by keeping seniors away from infections or illness.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a live-in care giver or home attendant or personal care giver?

The responsibilities of a caregiver not only includes the following tasks but should include some good qualities like patience, attentiveness and trustworthy. Our caregivers know their responsibilities well in providing such care to the elderly or seniors with respect.


Assistance in Bathing : Our personal assistant or caregiver helps the elderly or seniors in bathing or showering and sponge bath whichever the senior is comfortable depending upon the senior condition. Our skilled attendant guide the elderly or assist seniors in keeping them clean and hygiene by providing the proper process of bathing. Bathing is the main key for the seniors to stay away from any infections or illness hence it is very important to assist them in bathing thrice a week at least depending upon the senior condition. Sponge bath is required in case the elderly is unable to go to bathroom and unable to shift from bed. Sponge bath is nothing but wiping the armpit, hands, legs, genitals and skin fold areas with warm cloths to stay away from any bad odors or any infections.

Assistance in Grooming : Grooming can help the seniors to stay with confidence and dignity. Our caregivers or trained nursing attendant will assist them in washing the hair, combing the hair, oiling the hair if required, nail cleaning and cutting, foot care to avoid dead skins which can lead to infection. our live-in care providers ensures all the care is given properly to the elderly or seniors. We know the importance of oral care too where senior requires to keep their teeth clean and odorless. Our home attender can brush patient's teeth once a day or twice if required. dressing is another factor when it comes to grooming. Our live-in care takers take care of changing the seniors dress everyday and washing their cloths if required. Its important to dress them on daily basis as it enhances their confidence and maintain their dignity. To make your loved one much comfortable and confidence our skilled and trained caregivers will provide all the support and care on timely manner with hygiene.

Assistance in Toileting : Our in-home nursing caregivers are responsible for taking the seniors to the bathroom and clean their undergarments whenever it is required, empty bedpans, change bed-sheets and sanitize patient area. Our personal caregivers know the fact that loss of bladder control is common in many adults and support them in such a manner so that the senior should not feel guilt and feel much comfortable with the caregiver. 

Assistance in Feeding : Our home health care takers help seniors or elderly in serving meal and assisting in feeding. It is very crucial to feed the seniors on time and our caretakers understand it very well and feed them on timely manner. Its very difficult task to feed the senior especially when the senior is stubborn like babies. Our trained caregivers treat the seniors as babies and feed them with good skill.

Assistance in Mobility : Our trained attendants for in-home care shifts the senior from bed to wheelchair or any other table if senior or elderly wants to rest on chair for some time. We know sleeping all the time on bed is not at all a good practice for seniors and they need to be mobilized now and then. It is also important to position them properly either on a bed or a chair which our trained attendants for in-home care understand very well.

Assistance in Other Activity : Apart from the above activities our trained personal care takers take the senior or elderly for sunrise or sunset walking, go to shopping if senior is willing to go for shopping, taking senior to saloon if required and if they wish to visit the saloon and guiding them some basic exercise to keep them healthy and stay fit. Housekeeping task is also not ignoble which is most important to maintain the hygiene which includes sweeping the senior room, keeping clean the senior bed area.

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